Welcome! I am so happy to meet you here on my wellness blog dedicated to women’s health and wellness. Drawing from both personal experience, testimonials and evidence based data, I am able to share the amazing benefits of using natural products to help heal ourselves from within. I share important information on screening and valuable healthcare tips to help all women make informed choices. You can meet me on my about page to discover the inspiration behind creating BloomsInHealth.

Heal your Sex life from within.

Is sex painful? Vaginal dryness? Vaginal odor? Frequent urination and/or urinary tract infections?

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Why many women dread going for their Pap/Cervical smear test.

Sharing a little known secret that could change that!

Himalayan Salt Rocks!! Pure verses Plastic

Are you eating plastic? Shocking evidence shows that we are!!

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Nerve Pain! Let’s Start With What We Have:

There are several conditions/situations which may cause Peripheral Neuropathy.

Colon Cancer nearly killed me! Reading this could save your life!

I’m sorry if that scared you!! But it’s the Truth! Learn more here…

Turmeric-The Golden Spice Healing Inflammation Naturally

When inflammation gets out of control within our bodies it can cause havoc on our health.

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The Wonders of Marshmallow Root (Althaea Officinalis)

Bladder Infection(UTI) or Interstitial Cystitis (IC)
Which do you really have?

Superfood Drinks!

Simple to make: delicious! Drink your way to health!


The Benefits of Essiac Tea A personal story of Herbal Discovery

Essiac Tea is a very unique blend of organically grown herbs.

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