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Hello, my name is Melody Schlight, founder and author of BloomsInHealth!

Many women are looking for more Natural ways to heal themselves. We often feel let down by our Health Care Community in our search for safe alternative options. Does this sound like you? This was certainly my situation. As a trained nurse I respect the need when necessary for prescribed medications, but we are rarely made aware of the many Natural remedies that can significantly improve and maintain good health particularly as we age. Many of us may be misdiagnosed or suffer unpleasant side effects from prescription medications. Menopausal women everywhere are sadly struggling alone. If this is you, perhaps your only solace and support is within online Groups. There are many of us! But if you’re like me you are looking for answers and a solution. Support alone is not always enough for us! We need both!

This is the reason I felt compelled and fueled with passion to create this healthcare blog for women. I feel strongly that we deserve to be well informed in order to make better health decisions for ourselves. Many women that I spoke with prior to creating BloomsInHealth agreed that we need to treat the root cause of our health issues wherever possible and not just our symptoms.

When you visit my website, I hope it will be a place where you will feel comfortable. My posts are open and honest. I will provide evidence-based data wherever possible to help you make the best possible decision for you. My first post offers a natural alternative for Menopausal women experiencing painful sex. I talk about health issues, include personal testimonials, share useful health tips and provide information on natural alternatives for all age groups.


Born and educated in London England. After graduating from The Warwickshire School of Nursing, I spent several years working within different specialties including Stoma Care, Operating Room and Hospice Care. Expanding my healthcare career as a Hospital Specialist with Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals enabled me to explore the areas of both Research and Development and the Pharmaceutical Industries influence and impact on us the patients. Having been both a patient and a nurse I am able to offer you a unique perspective from both sides. I welcome your feedback and comments as we travel this path to wellness together.

Natural alternatives to heal and improve our health continue to gain respect as we look to the future. 

Affiliated groups:

Pelvic Allies, Menopause Support, Women Aging Gracefully Naturally

Subscriber to OWH (Office on women’s health)

Colorectal Cancer Alliance

Having lived in both England and France I currently reside happily in Virginia USA with my husband John, Golden Lab Louie and black cat Sasha! 

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