Heal your Sex life from within. Vaginal Dryness is NOT a disease and you are NOT alone!

Is sex painful? Vaginal dryness? Vaginal odor? Frequent urination and/or urinary tract infections? 


No woman should have to experience these symptoms. No woman should feel she has been let down by the Healthcare Community when there is a completely natural and safe formula that addresses these symptoms effectively. Sex should not be painful!

This is the reason I felt compelled to create “BloomsInHealth“ A blog dedicated to sharing a natural approach to wellness for women.

As a woman who has survived both cancer and the menopause (notice I use the word survived as both are immensely challenging!) I suffered in virtual silence with these symptoms for about a year. My knight in shining armor was my forever caring and understanding husband.

Having spoken with many women experiencing these symptoms I have since discovered that the Healthcare Community’s response is sadly very common. This was my personal experience and may sound familiar to you.

Painful Sex

Dr: So your symptoms are Painful Sex, (Dysparenia), Severe Vaginal dryness and inflammation of the vaginal walls (Vaginal Atrophy) Vaginal Odor, itching resulting in Sexual Dysfunction. Any other symptoms?

Me: What!! Aren’t those enough!!

Dr: Solution: Lubricants (which target the superficial symptoms and not the root cause) or HRT (which can have its own issues for many women) but HRT is not suitable for women with a history of cancer. 

Estrogen creams for vaginal dryness may also have unwanted side effects. Following a randomized controlled trial on The Absorption of vaginal estrogen cream during intercourse, The US National Library of Medicine/National Institutes of Health Absorption of vaginal estrogen cream during sexual intercourse: a prospective, randomized, controlled trial. reports that during intercourse men absorb vaginal estradiol (a female hormone) and that long term exposure could cause feminizing changes. 

Armed with this knowledge and for obvious reasons, hormonal creams were not a solution for us!

Me: (inside): No!! There must be a remedy/treatment to help me. Sex is important to me as a woman and to our marriage and we don’t want it to end and it shouldn’t. 

It Shouldn’t and it Hasn’t! 

Together with my husband we researched these symptoms and educated ourselves on their root causes. It was heartbreaking for me to learn that several of my friends were experiencing these symptoms prior to/following menopause but felt nervous as I did or even ashamed to confide with their partners. Women should never feel ashamed because their bodies are changing. We should feel comfortable embracing each stage of change! These are distressing symptoms that affect both of you so I would encourage you to share openly with your partner. Sharing with your partner is so liberating! It is no longer your problem alone and together you can create amazing results! More on that later!!

It was during this search that we discovered Dr. Chang OB/GYN. A doctor passionate about natural remedies for pelvic health and founder of NeuEve.

Vaginal Discharge

Dr. Chang has shared her findings and I loved her “Bottom Up” approach to addressing altered arousal and decreased libido especially in post menopausal women. It appears that for decades altered arousal, decreased libido and sexual dysfunction in women had been largely regarded as a problem within our brains. No! It’s completely the opposite. The uncomfortable and painful symptoms down below, which we have discussed, are most likely the cause of our decreased libido. Makes perfect sense right!! It’s heartbreaking to think how our Grandmothers must have suffered.

So what is NeuEve and why have I joined the thousands of women who can once again enjoy a loving fulfilling sexual relationship with their partner.

As Dr. Chang explains if you apply wax to a dry leaf and fail to water the root you are superficially treating the symptoms of dryness but the plant will not flourish without water to its root. 

Of course we knew that!

Try to imagine yourself as one such flower. Our bodies need nutrients to flourish and remain healthy. We knew that too!

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV): fishy odor, discharge, burning and itching outside of the vagina all of which I experienced can be confused with Yeast infection and other sexually transmitted diseases. Dr Chang highlights that BV is not a true bacterial infection rather an imbalance between “good” and “bad” bacteria. The causes of BV include hormone reduction due to menopause, antibiotic use and douching. Although the abbreviation BV is still widely used I thought it important to share with you  A very  important update:

Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM)

A relatively new term that describes various menopausal symptoms (lack of lubrication, discomfort, pain and impaired function but also urinary symptoms ( urgency, recurrent urine infections and painful urination)The terms vulvovaginal atrophy and vaginitis, which were generally used until recently, had limitations because they did not cover the full spectrum of symptoms. The Recent Review of the Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause . This study is relevant to so many women suffering from urinary symptoms relating to menopause.

The Office On Women’s Health within The US Dept Of Health and Human Services Dept states that “Douching can cause an overgrowth of harmful bacteria Douching. This can lead to yeast infection or BV. Douching can change the necessary balance of natural flora and natural acidity in a healthy vagina” This is why antibiotics often fail and douching is strongly discouraged as they disrupt the vaginal ecology. They simply do not address the root case.

Painful Sex

NeuEve restores vaginal ecology. After menopause the vaginal gland dries and the mucosa shrinks. The simplicity of Dr. Chang’s explanation helps us to understand what is happening. She explains that when a river dries up the fish die. Other live forms that can accommodate low water and dried land such as amphibians may thrive (Ecological Shift). When such a shift occurs in our vagina ecology, BV occurs and can cause a pungent fishy odor. Sound familiar? NeuEve revives the mucous secreting glands and the vaginal mucosa is auto-lubricated and moisturized. 24/7.

NeuEve addresses our problem naturally and safely. A non prescription program that’s working for so many women. Remember Sex should not be painful!

Probiotics do not restore vaginal ecology

Apple Cider Vinegar/Hydrogen Peroxide temporally reduce the number of bad bacteria but once stopped “bad bacteria “grows back because they are fully or partially antiseptic. We must address the root cause.

NeuEve is All Natural-Green-No Preservatives or artificial fragrances. Made from all food Ingredients YES!! Now you have my attention! It has the right combination of nutrients so that “good bacteria “can be restored. NeuEve provides nutrients for the vaginal tissue as calcium and vitamin D for bones. NeuEve does not contain any estrogen, progesterone, herbs or drugs. (Wonderful news for women with a history of cancer) Wonderful news for men too!! 

Within a week, Yes! NeuEve worked fast for me. My atrophy was reversed, there was no odor/dryness/itching/fishy odor and I truly felt better in myself. I am sure many women will agree with me these symptoms can really affect one’s general wellbeing and quality of life. This is a wonderful and natural alternative to hormonal creams. The vaginal suppositories are available in varying strengths and optional cream.  

The icing on the cake:  Pain Free Amazing Sex!! 

Amazing Sex

Read testimonials and Discover NeuEve 

The purpose of this post is to reach out, share, and communicate with women. To raise awareness on how to heal ourselves naturally wherever possible. To share my personal journey with you is a privilege and I hope you will feel inspired to embark on your own journey to wellness. Our life expectancy in the industrial world is currently 80 yrs, 30 of which are post menopausal so it goes without saying we appreciate doctors like Dr. Chang fighting our corner on the journey to discover natural, safe and effective remedies for pelvic health.

I hope to have the privilege of meeting her one day to thank her!

Quote for this Post: “Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well” (Marcus Valerius Martial)

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