Turmeric-The Golden Spice

Healing Inflammation Naturally

There are many painful conditions both acute and chronic linked to inflammation. If you suffer from joint pain, swelling or stiffness, for example, I truly empathize. When inflammation gets out of control within our bodies it can cause havoc on our health. It’s a warning sign that our immune system is not working properly.

I describe Inflammation simply as “The cause of much more“

Inflammation Turmeric

Below are some possible causes of Inflammation:

Do any of these sound familiar?

Hormone Imbalance particularly women going through the Menopause. Studies suggest that inflammation naturally increases with age and may be a factor in many chronic problems as we get older.

Emotional Stress:

Physical Stress: Excessive exercise

Poor Diet: Processed foods and sugars: Diet lacking in fruit and vegetables

Allergies to certain products: Latex or plastic fibers for example.

Chemicals: Air/environment, even household cleaning products

(A subject I will be covering shortly)

Fortunately we can address most of the above with healthier lifestyle and dietary choices.

Before adding any new supplement to your diet, always consult with your doctor. Some supplements may interfere with certain medications and may not be suitable for your treatment plan. This is particularly important if you have a pre-existing condition.

Turmeric face mask

Let’s absorb all of that goodness:

Turmeric has a low absorption and low bioavailability rate (The goodness is there but our bodies struggle to absorb it easily) There are several things we can do to enhance its absorption to gain maximum health benefits.

  1. Take with Fat (Turmeric is fat soluble)
  2. Add Black Pepper. Piperine, the major component of black pepper, increases bioavailability by 2000%
  3. Heat : Add to a cup of tea or hot food.                               

It’s amazing that a compound like Turmeric, having been used successfully in ancient medicine, is finding its place once again in Modern Medicine.

Turmeric Health Drink

Here are some of the fun ways to include Turmeric into your diet:

My personal favorite is a Turmeric-latte .

2 cups of milk (coconut or almond works well)

1tsp of Turmeric powder 

1/2 tsp of ground cinnamon

1 tbsp of pure maple or agave syrup if desired.

Drink warm and enjoy!

Anti-inflammatory effects are enhanced by adding cracked black pepper.

Warm Turmeric tea. 

Cooking agent especially in curries.

Turmeric for dogs

Helps our dogs!

We are a dog loving family. It broke our hearts to see our elderly Labrador suffer from arthritic pain and stiffness. We used an effective Turmeric paste recipe recommended by Veterinarian Dr. Doug English, founder of the Turmeric User Group and Guru Recipe. Our own veterinarian supported our decision to try a more natural approach to pain relief and we were amazed at the results. Mobility was significantly improved and ball play was resumed with a vitality we had not seen for some time! We had our happy dog back! 

There are so many choices today. When buying Turmeric do make sure it is 100% Curcumin and contains no fillers, binders or added ingredients.

Thank you for joining me on this spice journey to wellness! I look forward to hearing your success stories (human and canine!).

Quote for this post: The greatest wealth is health ( Virgil)

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